The North Carolina Bail Agents Association (NCBAA) believes the bail agents it represents play a crucial role in the states judicial system and, therefore, deserve to be represented by a professional association. As a member of NCBAA, you join more than 1,200 bail agents currently doing business in North Carolina that receive industry information, education and professional enhancement.

We realize our members are held to strict guidelines issued by the state and we realize that as a bail agent, you take your responsibilities to the courts and your community seriously. As you work to provide a much needed service that is beneficial to the courts, the justice system and the community, your Association works to make your membership have a lasting impact.

As a member of NCBAA, you will:

Advance your profession
Contribute to positive industry awareness
Network with peers
Understand legislation affecting your industry
Stay updated on industry news, trends and research
Get association logo items
Get discounts on NCBAA continuing education classes
Receive a NCBAA newsletter and annual directory
Discount hotel rates for any stay in Raleigh

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The North Carolina Bail Agents Association looks forward to having you join our efforts to help strengthen our industry.

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Saturday, November 17, 2018
Mailing & Office Address:
1220 Eastchester Dr., Ste 104 High Point, NC  27265    
Phone Number:  919-832-0867
Fax Number:  1-866-249-7020

Become A Member

You may join us in contributing to the future of your profession by filling out this 2018-19 INDIVIDUAL MEMBERSHIP APP and faxing it to our office at 1-866-249-7020 or use the secure fillable form below.  If you would like to make your company a member of NCBAA you may fill out the CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP form and send it in.  You can join in support of commercial bail even if you aren't a bail bondsman.  We offer an ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP as well for those in the community that understand the vital role of the bail agent in the criminal justice system.  Thank you for supporting NCBAA.

NCBAA Online Membership Application

NCBAA Membership Dues $100.00

*Must hold a valid NC Bail License to be eligible for Membership. Membership Subject to Approval.
NPN Number:
Preferred Mailing Address:
Daytime Phone Number:
County of Residence
Fax Number:
Zip Code:
Name of Company:
Month:    Day: 
Email Address:
Military Status:

Payment Information
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Card Type:          
Credit Card Number:
Security Code (CVC or CVV):
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Credit Card Billing Address: 
Renew Automatically: 
*This IS NOT a payment form. Your information will be Submitted for Review to Verify your NPN Number. When Verified, We will process your Card Information for the Amount of: $100.00. Dues Are Non-Refundable.