GolfCart Raffle

Golf Cart Raffle

The North Carolina Bail Agents Association is raffling off a

NEW Evolution Classic 4 Pro Golf Cart!

Estimated Retail Price: of $8,999.

$50 per ticket 


$500 for 12 tickets!

Only 300 tickets will be sold.

Draw Date: April 10, 2024 (Draw date is subject to change if all tickets are sold sooner. 

Support NCBAA by purchasing a raffle ticket today. All proceeds benefit NCBAA. Purchase your tickets below! Rules/Regulations & Golfcart Details are below. 

Purchase Individual Tickets

$50.00 Each


Purchase 12 Pack of Tickets

$500.00 Each


Evolution Classic 4 Pro

Cart Features:

  • Luxury 2 Tone Seats, Decorative Strip, Colored Decorative Wheel Trim
  • Dashboard with color-matching cupholder insert, Luxury Steering Wheel, Speedometer
  • Plastic rear seat kit with trunk & cup holders, Rearview Mirror, Horn, USB Charging Ports

Ultimate Control for Group Travels:

  • Four-seat configuration with touchscreen and stereo system
  • Cup holder, ball holder, and spacious storage compartment
  • Ergonomic seats, seat belts, and handy ceiling handle for comfort and safety

Elegant Efficiency:

  • Timeless design emphasizing safety, comfort, and durability
  • Promoting sustainable progress in the golf cart and electric vehicle sector

USB Charger:

  • Dual USB chargers with safeguards for refined and secure device charging

Rear Axle:

  • Streamlined design for reduced maintenance and cost-effectiveness
  • Lightweight frame with remarkable strength for durability


  • 14” alloy wheel tires designed for golf course terrain
  • Exemplary water dispersion, traction, and cornering capabilities

Additional Features:

  • Lifetime Warranty on Acid Dipped, Powder Coated Steel Chassis
  • 25A Onboard waterproof Evolution charger preprogrammed to lithium batteries
  • Clear foldable windshield, Optional Golf bag holder kits
  • Impact-resistant injection mold bodies, Independent suspension with four arms
  • Assembled in the USA for quality control
  • Bright lighting for front and rear visibility in the dark

Additional Features can be found at the following link:


Support NCBAA by purchasing a raffle ticket today. All proceeds benefit NCBAA. 

All proceeds benefit NCBAA.

NCBAA is a not-for-profit, professional organization that protects and enhances the interest of all bail agents. Through educational fees and fundraisers, NCBAA funds lobbyists and staff who are committed to executing NCBAA’s mission to protect, preserve, promote and improve our industry and the livelihood of all bondsmen in North Carolina.

Support NCBAA by purchasing a raffle ticket today. 


North Carolina Bail Agents Association (“NCBAA”) Golf Cart Raffle to benefit NCBAA, a non-profit organization under the laws of North Carolina. By purchasing a raffle ticket, you agree to be bound by these rules.

  1. The purchase price for one raffle ticket is $50.00 or 12/$500.00. Only 300 tickets will be sold.
  2. Raffle Tickets can be purchased from a NCBAA Board Member, NCBAA employee/agent or an NCBAA Volunteer, and online at the NCBAA website (
  3. Tickets may be purchased cash, check, credit card, or debit card. If an Entrant’s check is returned unpaid by the bank, the entry ticket(s) will be invalid unless a cash payment is received by NCBAA prior to drawing. The official drawing will take place in April 10, 2024. Entrants will also be subject to all associated bank fees.
  4. All entry purchases are final and non-refundable.
  5. The stub will be entered into the drawing and will be retained by NCBAA. If ordered online, the entrant will be emailed a receipt and stub number.
  6. All unsold tickets and proceeds from the raffle ticket sales must be received by NCBAA no later than 10:45 AM Eastern the day prior to the drawing. If received after the official deadline, all monies will be returned to Entrant(s) and all associated tickets will be invalid. Additional tickets may be purchased with cash through NCBAA at the Golf Cart Raffle until 10:45 AM on the drawing date.
  7. The winner of the raffle will be determined by random drawing. The drawing will take place on April 10, 2024 at the NCBAA Quarterly Board meeting at the High Point Headquarters. Entrant(s) do not need to be present to win. Winner will be notified by NCBAA Staff after the raffle winner has been selected. The Drawing may be conducted at an earlier time if all tickets are sold and accounted for.
  8. Winners agree to comply with all IRS regulations regarding raffle winnings. Winner(s) agree to furnish NCBAA with his/her social security number, verify his/her identity, and sign all required IRS documents (IRS Form 1099) before claiming the prize.
  9. The drawn winner of the raffle is entitled to receive a new Evolution Classic 4 Pro Golf Cart– White. NCBAA specifically disclaims all expressed or implied warranties, including without limitations warranties of merchantability. NCBAA is not responsible for any losses or injuries suffered as a result of the raffle prize.
  10. The winner of the raffle must claim the prize within 30 days of the drawing. If the winner does not claim the prize within 30 days of the drawing, by responding to telephonic or written notice from NCBAA or otherwise, the prize will be forfeited. After the prize is claimed, winner must abide by any restrictions placed on voucher by the issuing donor (e.g. expiration date for use).
  11. Purchasers of raffle tickets must legibly write their full names, email, and telephone numbers on each individual ticket stub. If more than one name stated on a ticket stub, the first listed name shall be the Entrant. NCBAA shall, will and can have no obligation for payment or delivery of any prize to any person other than the Entrant. It is the sole responsibility of the entrant to allocate any such prize among the participants in any multiple party entry.
  12. Any drawing may be postponed at the discretion of NCBAA Board of directors which will be announced on NCBAA’s website. The Drawing may also be conducted at an earlier time if all tickets are sold and accounted for.
  13. Purchasers of tickets, by participating in the raffle, release NCBAA, its directors, officers, members, and agents from any and all liability, loss or claim arising out of any raffle prize, expressly waive any such claim and agree that the liability, if any, of the NCBAA, its directors, officers, members and agents shall be limited to the raffle ticket price paid. NCBAA makes no express or implied warranty as to the Raffle prize.
  14. Any and all disputes, claims and controversies concerning this raffle shall be submitted to and resolved by binding arbitration, to be conducted under arbitration rules in the state of Florida.
  15. Prize is not redeemable for cash.
  16. Raffle is void where prohibited.
  17. Winner(s) agree to allow NCBAA to publish their names and photographs on the NCBAA’s website and Facebook page.
  18. For additional questions, please email NCBAA at