North Carolina Bail Agents Association

Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

In 2011, NCBAA began awarding individuals in our industry the honor of being inducted into the NCBAA Hall of Fame.
Each nominee must be licensed continuously 20 or more years as a bail agent, have exceptional civic and community involvement, and serve as a role model for others.
NCBAA will continue to induct up to three individuals each year.

Nominations are now OPEN for NCBAA Hall of Fame

2021 Hall of Fame Nomination Forms​

In 2021, the induction ceremony will take place at the NCBAA Annual Conference Banquet in Concord on September 10, 2021. 

We ask that everyone take a minute and consider which bondsman stands out in your mind to receive this honor and nominate that person with the form provided. 

All nominations must be received by August 20, 2021, and will be considered by the Hall of Fame Committee and the NCBAA Board of Directors.

2019 Hall of Fame Inductees

2017 Hall of Fame Inductees


Janet Hammond 
Lloyd Patterson 
Dennis Johnson 
Donna Johnson


Howard Davis
James “Jim” B. 
Jordan Michael “Doc” Reaves 


Gwendolyn B. Mackins
Lonnie D. Hammond 
Walter L. Cline 


Eddie M. Dow
Richard S. Eury, Sr. 
Linda C. Shell
Robert “Bob” L. Sterrick 


Benjamin Franklin Callahan, Jr. 
Emanuel Stowe
William “Bruce” Sellers
Joseph Shaw 
Tony Woods 


Oren H. Alexander
Tony L. Barnes 
Benjamin F. Burr 
Waldo C. Falkener, Sr. 
Larry V. Mackins 
Larry J. Powell 
Dexter Shoffner 
Ed Witherspoon, Jr. 
Maynard Wilkins 
Conrad L. Raiford 
Jerry Wallace Pittman