NCBAA strives to better clarify the role of the Bail Agent within the judicial system and educate legislators on the benefits of our industry. Many legislators, magistrates or the public do not understand the value of bondsmen to our state.


Bail agents provide a pretrial release system at no cost to the taxpayer. If the state spends approximately $65.90 per day to house an inmate, given the number of inmates released into the custody of bail agents, we save the state over one billion dollars a year. No other pretrial release system can provide these savings.



Bondsmen also provide a court appearance system. Bail agents have the authority to apprehend and arrest those for whom they have posted bail and, therefore, offer an additional arrest force of approximately 1,700 persons. Bail agents arrest and surrender ninety-eight (98%) percent of their failures to appear at no cost to the taxpayer.


In pursuit of protecting, preserving and promoting the private bail bond industry of North Carolina, the Association, through its governing body, has set forth to achieve and maintain the following goals:


  1. Draw bail agents of our state together under one banner, in order to provide unity and strength.
  2. Provide a means by which the efforts of the association are equally supported by every person licensed to write bail in North Carolina.
  3. Provide a listening post to the concerns and the needs of our members.
  4. Safeguard and promote our industry through state-level government relations (lobbying) including monitoring legislation and regulations that impact bail agents.
  5. Provide programs that will educate and inform bail agents and promote ethical business practices and professionalism.
  6. Ensure all undertakings and decisions by the Association Membership will be fair and beneficial to all, showing no partiality to surety or professional, big or small company.

The members of the association work diligently to protect, shape and improve the bail bonding industry.