2023 Continuing Education - Use of force, Forfeitures, & Set Asides 

This state approved 3 hour class will provide you with the continuing education requirement to maintain your bailbonding license. Under the authority of the N.C. Department of Insurance, all bail agents are required to complete 3 hours of mandatory continuing education class each year prior to June 30th. If you have questions or need guidance, contact NCBAA; we are always available as a resource to you. Ways to register for a CE Class:

If you have multiple agents to register, feel free to register them all at once by emailing us at info@ncbaa.com

Do you have 5 more or more agents that need to complete CE? Contact NCBAA to schedule a CE class in your office.

Register for a CE Course

Why Should You Take CE With NCBAA??

Unlike other CE providers, NCBAA is a non-profit state-wide organization that is ran by bondsmen for bondsmen. By taking your CE with NCBAA, your tuition continues to work for you long after the class is over. The fees All monies, tuition and membership dues, collected by NCBAA are used to help fight the anti-cash bail movement and to support better bail bonding laws to help you MAKE/SAVE MORE MONEY. 

NCBAA funds lobbyist & staff to ensure all bondsmen have a voice when laws and regulations are being crafted and passed. Support your job and industry by using NCBAA for your CE needs. 

So, when you are deciding who to take your Continuing Education through, think about your future and think about where you would like your investment to go? 

By using NCBAA, your CE tuition will continue to work for you long after the class is over. NCBAA uses those fees to fight the anti-cash bail movement and to support better bail bonding laws to help you make/save more money

*Remember, tuition paid for by those taking the NCBAA Pre-Licensing Classes is also used to work for YOUR SUCCESS.

CE Class Schedule

The classes for 2022/2023 have ended. All CE students have been submitted. If you have questions, please email us at info@ncbaa.com.  


Use of force, Forfeitures, & Set Asides ” Class dates 

(Live) means the class is taught by a in-person instructor. Otherwise it would mean there is a video of the live class. Classes are only offered in person. 


Visit the CE tab for more information. Contact NCBAA to schedule a Private CE Class or to suggest CE class location or date.

If you need a CE Class, email NCBAA and we will try to set one up in your area.  Below are the upcoming classes:

Do you have a number of agents in your office that would like to take CE?? If so, contact the Association Office at 919-832-0867 !! We can come to you!! Eliminate the extra expense of traveling to another town or shutting down your office for a day! We are happy to work with you and accommodate your needs. A minimum of five (5) students that are pre-registered is required to do any in-office CE class. In-office classes cannot be guaranteed in the month of June.

NCBAA makes it easy. We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express as well as cash, checks and money orders for class tuition. Need to break up the tuition cost? Call the office at 919-832-0867 to register for your CE Class Credits or make payment arrangements. Class times vary so please call the office if you do not receive a confirmation email by 4:00 pm the day prior to the class.

You may move from the class you have registered for to any other class at no additional cost. The refund policy only applies to those not wishing to take any class. To receive a refund you must notify NCBAA by mailing or faxing a signed refund request . Any refund will be based on the date we receive your request.

Refund Policy

30 days prior to class date: 100% refund
15-29 days prior to class date: 75% refund
10-14 days prior to class date: 50% refund
Less than 10 days prior to class date: No refund

There will be a $25 return check fee per check for any returned check per (NCGS 6-21-3)

The North Carolina Bail Agents Association conducts activities and procedures without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, gender, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.

CCH Class for CE

NCBAA Conceal Carry Handgun CE class is for the CCH Certification but you will also receive CE credits for taking this 8 hour course. If you already hold a CCH permit, you should take a different CE class with us. You must be pre-registered and prepaid for any CCH class to reserve your spot on the shooting range.

Class dates are coming soon.

Use of force, Forfeitures, & Set Asides 

NCBAA has officially launched a NEW 3 hour CE class for 2023.

The Use of force, Forfeitures, & Set Asides Course is designed to provide educational tools and assistance to bail agents regarding bondsman’s authority using force to locate and apprehend defendants. It will help educate bail agents on the proper and professional way to return defendants to court, and will educate bail agents on the forfeiture process, motions, and remissions. The course will also educate bail agents on recent law changes and policy updates.

Continuing Education Exemption

North Carolina Law (§ 58-71-71) exempts bondsmen from completing Continuing Education if the individual is :
  1. 65 years or older and
  2. Have had a bonding licenses for 15 or more years.
If you meet both of these requirements, you must apply for a Permanent Exemption by mailing or faxing the form below to the North Carolina Department of Insurance. 

§ 58-71-71.  Examination; educational requirements; penalties.
(c)        Any person licensed as a runner or bail bondsman before January 1, 1994, is not subject to the prelicensing education requirement of this section, but is subject to the continuing education requirement of this section. A licensed runner or bail bondsman who is 65 years of age or older and who has been licensed as a runner or bail bondsman for 15 years or more is exempt from both the prelicensing education and continuing education requirements of this section.