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Become A Member

You may join us in contributing to the future of your profession by using the secure fillable form below. You can also join by faxing a completed 24/25 MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION to 1-866-249-7020 or by calling NCBAA at 919-832-0867.

Thank you for supporting NCBAA.

NCBAA Membership

Join or Renew Here for the 2024/2025 membership year.

Types of Memberships

Individual Membership | $100

NCBAA Membership for Licensed NC Bail Agents

If you would like to make your company a member of NCBAA, you may fill out the CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP Form and send it in. You can join in support of commercial bail even if you aren’t a bail bondsman. We offer an ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP as well for those in the community that understand the vital role of bail agents in the criminal justice system. 

Associate Membership | $50

NCBAA Membership for Non-Licensed Bail Agents

Corporate Membership | $250

NCBAA Membership for Companies

For more details, see Membership Benefits or the NCBAA By-Laws. If you have questions or would like to join by phone, call NCBAA at (919)832-0867

Thank you for supporting NCBAA.


Once the membership application is processed, the NCBAA membership directory & certificate will be mailed to the new member. Processing is typically completed within a few business days.

* You must hold a valid NC Bail Bonding Licensee to be eligible for Individual Memberships. This membership is subject to approval and verification. Dues are not refundable.

**All associate members put “0” as your NPN Member.