This page is dedicated to NCBAA Members that have departed this transitory life.

If you would like to have a NCBAA member added, please contact the NCBAA office at 919-832-0867.

Dennis Johnson – 1957-2023
For over three decades, Mr. Johnson served as a bail agent and owned Johnson Bail Bonds located in Wilkesboro, NC. He elected to the NCBAA Board of Directors in 2014, a role he held until his demise. Before delving into the bail industry, he dedicated close to ten years as a law enforcement officer. Throughout his service, he earned several accolades for his valor, including the Wounded in Combat Purple Cross, Gallantry Star, Star of Bravery, and Legion of Honor award.

William H. Alcon – 1956-2010
Mr. Alcon worked for Shaw Bonding in Asheboro.

Tony K. Barnes – 1983-2010
Mr. Barnes worked for Tony L. Barnes Bail Bonding in Benson.

Dexter Shoffner – 1951-2011
Mr. Shoffner was one of the founding members of NCBAA and served on the Board of Directors from 1992, when NCBAA was incorporated until his passing in March of 2011. He said what he thought and fought for what he believed in.

Alvin Oxendine – 1971-2011
Mr. Oxendine worked with Powell Bail Bonding in Castle Hayne

Douglas L. Tross – 1947-2012
Mr. Tross worked with Lanning & Woods in Durham.

Betty Burr – 1927-2012
Ms. Burr was with Burr Bail Bonds in Wadesboro

Terry D. Cartwright – 1958-2013
Mr. Cartwright was with Ponderosa Enterprises, Inc. in Barco.

Marvin E. Barrett– 1966-2013
Mr. Barrett co-owned A-American Bonding Company in Greenville.

James McQueen – 1954-2013
Mr. McQueen was a member of the NCBAA Board of Directors for only a short time but during that time he fought for the bail bond industry and was proud to serve the Membership.

Glenn Jarrell – 1925-2016
Owner of Glenn Jarrell Bail Bonds in Burlington.

Walter Cline – 1938-2016
Mr. Cline was a founding member of NCBAA and served on the Board of Directors.

David Sowell – 1964-2017
Mr. Sowell was from Pittsboro and served on the NCBAA Board of Directors from 2015-2016.