North Carolina Bail Agents Association



Dear Members:

After much negotiation and interaction with AOC, new legislation was passed during the 2015 session that will impact you as individual bail agents. Beginning August 5, 2015 all bail bondsmen have Free access to ACIS and VCAP after an initial $200 fee for your password and log-on and signing a user agreement with AOC. You will also need the software to make the application work. NCBAA negotiated with Ericom to provide this software at a huge discount. The software will cost you $40 with an optional $6 per year support .

Click the button below for information and to get forms to get your AOC ACIS/VCAP Access.

***Click here to Purchase the Discounted Software***

Note* The optional $6 annual support fee does cover upgrades and support. The system routinely experiences upgrades which are required to function. If you choose to opt out of the $6 support fee, you will not be eligible for upgrades.