International Women’s Day

On this International Women’s Day, I find it fitting to discuss a topic close to my heart for our blog post. While obtaining precise data on the ratio of women to men in the bail industry remains challenging, recent information from the website Zippia reveals an encouraging trend: women now constitute the majority!

56.6% FEMALE
43.4% MALE

Bail Bond Agent Demographics and Statistics [2024]: Number Of Bail Bond Agents In The US (

Ladies, congratulations! This achievement is the result of a long and hard-fought battle, paved by those who came before us. In many areas of the state, however, men still outnumber women. And, as you might imagine, not all men are appreciative of having women in their midst. But fear not—keep fighting, whether by tooth or nail, and assert your rightful place at the table.

As someone who acknowledges my own bias, I recognize that women often bring a unique approach to the bail industry—one that men cannot quite replicate. Our strengths lie in our softer touch, our ability to provide a mothering role to clients, and our exceptional multitasking skills. We deftly handle all the tasks an agent must perform, from writing bail to tracking down skips and filing court paperwork. Our attention to detail—sometimes elusive to our male counterparts—is invaluable.

And here’s some exciting news: The percentage of female Board members has increased by one, bringing us to a total of six! This representation is crucial for our female membership, ensuring that our perspectives are heard and valued. Let’s continue pushing forward, supporting one another, and making strides in the bail industry! 

I’ve encountered countless instances where I’ve been labeled as rude or too abrupt in this industry. Let me assure you, there have been times when I’ve embodied both of those traits. But here’s the question: Can you thrive in a male-dominated field within this industry without exhibiting these qualities at times? Honestly, I don’t believe it’s possible.

Often, I’ve tried to approach situations by asking myself, “What would a man do in this scenario?” And then, I’ve acted accordingly. Curiously, these are precisely the moments when I’ve faced accusations of rudeness and abruptness. It’s not lost on me that if a man were in the exact same situation, saying the exact same thing, it likely wouldn’t even raise an eyebrow. 

Ladies, stand your ground! You cannot allow anyone to push you around. It’s essential to assert yourself and let others know that you are not a pushover. As my dad wisely advised me, “Don’t start anything, but you better finish it.”

Now, this doesn’t always require harsh words or actions.  As women, we understand that sometimes a polite conversation—where you calmly point out an issue or express your objections—can work wonders. Letting someone know about a problem and suggesting a solution can be all it takes. And yes, there are moments when a smile and a heartfelt “bless your heart” are the perfect responses. It’s okay—just don’t give up! Keep advocating for yourself and making your voice heard!

As a strong female, I’ll unabashedly pat myself on the back for the accomplishment of making it in this industry for twenty years. And if you’re a fellow female in bail, who has made it any length of time, you should too!!! Let’s acknowledge our strengths, recognize the unique contributions we bring, and keep pushing forward to face each day with resilience.

Proverbs 31:25
She is clothed with strength and dignity; she can laugh at the days to come.

“And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong, and full of fire, and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears.” – Mark Anthony

Respectfully Submitted,

Julie Henderson