The North Carolina Bail Agents Association (NCBAA) works hard to be a voice for the private bail industry. Part of that responsibility is making information available to the general public and media about our industry. This newsroom section was designed as a way to provide up-to-date information and resources about the private bail industry in North Carolina.

We have also developed a variety of tools. These tools help explain the role of private bail in the state and offer visitors a clear understanding of what our members do every day and how they play a role in our state’s judicial system. Further, the association’s video is a wonderful explanation of how bail works in North Carolina, why the industry is important, the benefits the industry produces, and the critical role bail agents play.

Whatever you’re looking for, we hope this section serves as a resource of information. If you are unable to find what you need and have additional questions, or if you are a media outlet and would like to speak to the association, please contact us.

Legislation/Policy Updates

SL 2019-179 – House Bill 220, Insurance Technical Changes – Becomes Law

SECTION 7.(a) Adds a definition for premium to mean an amount of money paid in exchange for a bail bondsman’s services in writing a bail bond. 

SECTION 7.(b) Requires a bail bondsman to return a license to the Commissioner within 10 working days of a lapse (new status), suspension, or revocation of their license. 

SECTION 7.(c) Requires bail bondsmen to include the court file or docket numbers for the principal’s court obligation and the certificate seal number for each bond issued in the written reports filed with the Commissioner. 

SECTION 7.(d) Amends language so information is provided to the principal automatically without the principal having to request it. 


House Bill 966 – 2019 Appropriations Act

Conference Committee Report included a $100K Grant for Pre-Trial Services in Pitt County(Page E41). Budget has been vetoed and has not been overridden.

Anti-Bail Legislation Filed in 2019

House Bill 906 | Study of Cash Bail System

House Bill 793 | Eliminate Bond Req’t/Certain Defendants 

House Bill 709 – Failure to Appear/Release Condition Optional.

Senate Bill 662 – Pilots to Establish “No Money” Bail Bonds

Senate Bill 410 – Pretrial Services-Grant Program


NC General Assembly Website 

NC Department of Insurance – Bail Bond Reg Division Website

Since 1992, NCBAA has successfully promoted, enhanced, and protected the laws and rules which regulation and effect bail agents throughout the state. Check out the Legislative Page to find a majority of NCBAA’s successful legislative actions.