CE Testimonials





 There really is a difference! Your Success is our Priority! 

“Woo hoo! Thank you so much, the class was an amazing experience and very easy to follow along and learn from in order to pass.” -Laura Geho
“How Very! Very! Important the NCBAA is to every bail bondsman and all they do for us.” -Sherrill Spearman
“Wanna THANK the NCBAA for all you do.” -Thomas Ramsey
“I came to this agency (NCBAA) so that my money would be put back to helping bondsman.” –Sarah Heltan
“Doug is extremely knowledgeable, patient, and has a great teaching style. I really enjoyed learning from him.” -Sarisa Smith
“Mr. Doug is a great instructor. He knows what he is teaching and explains the information.” –Domyacht Gaines
“I really enjoyed the class and it has helped me to better understand the business, which in return will help me with my daily duties here in the office. Mr. Cozart did a fantastic job with instruction while keeping it interesting.” -Chasity McGlamory
“I found that every person I’ve come in contact with in the NCBAA to be very professional, knowledgeable, courteous and extremely helpful.  Mr. Doug Cozart was an exceptional instructor.  He knew everything about the business and bail bonding.  His presentation of the material was spot on as well as his own personal experience.  I count not have ask for a better instructor and I’m VERY satisfied with my experience.” -Caleb Tester
“I just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed and appreciative of the NCBAA I am. I turned 20 last August and for a while I have wanted to be a North Carolina Bail Agent, so I did some research and signed up for the class in late October. I was not aware that you have to take the class 6 months or less before you begin the licensing process, so I thought I had wasted my time, and money. Doug Cozart and Melissa Seiler both helped me out immensely by allowing me to come at a later date with no extra charge to retake the test, and whole class, if I wished. Doug personally took time out of his day to spend about an hour with me after class had ended to give me advice, share some resources, and some very meaningful encouragement to help me reach my dream of being a bondsman, and my own boss. 
Also, I would like to add that I was very impressed with how, during the class, Doug articulated to all of us the movements and changes in legislation that the NCBAA and everyone involved have made to help improve and preserve the the flourishment of North Carolina Bail Agents. There is absolutely no other organization I recommend using to both take your class, and get further education on being a bail agent in North Carolina.” -Keaton Brailsford

Really enjoyed the class. Obviously going over forms is dull but needed. Inserting personal experiences by the instructor helped significantly.” -Michael Dubose

The (NCBAA) presentation was super helpful, easy to understand, informative, and engaging… Doug was very informative and knowledgeable. Awesome Class.” -Briana Smith

He (Doug Cozart) was an awesome & engaging teaching. His pace was steady and not overwhelming. He was great with addressing all questions.” -Theresa Cephas

This class was a pleasure to attend! Doug made the presentation informative & cleared up a lot of confusion by relating the material to personal and real work experience.” -Ashley Young

Really enjoyed the call and glad I came after all.” -Sara Coffey

Mr. Doug did great! Understood everything.” -Jasmine Simmons

Very informative class. I came in with little to no experience and feel like I know a lot more.” -Aarron Holmes

Very nice and helpful instructor” -Mystery Barnes

Great presenter, knowledgeable; easy to understand.” -Eric Chacon 

Great Class and very informative.”  -Andreica Chandler

“The entire presentation was excellent.  Doug is a fountain of knowledge.” -Prentiss Smith
“Doug was an excellent teacher.  His Power Point presentation kept me very interested.” -Yvonne Lennon
“Excellent class, presentation was easy to understand.” -Abigail Boyd
“Instructor was very informative and funny (good sense of humor -knew his subject very well – great teacher.” -James McCaskill
“Thoroughly enjoyed the class. Excellent presentation of necessary material for state exam preparation. Thanks to NCBAA for all the progressive work done to benefit the bail bonding industry.” -Lance Cable 
“Doug was very understanding and helpful in every way. He explained everything in a way that was easy to understand and took the time to answer any questions we had.” – Martin Hayes

Doug was great. He was very knowledgeable and gave real life experiences to help us understand.” –Tarsha Campbell

Doug always does a great job teaching the class and giving information needed.”  -Marc Ledford

Mr. Cozart is an amazing teacher.” -Jermaine Wright

Class was easy to understand, and the instructor was very knowledgeable and explained everything..”  -Ashley Carroll

Excellent Instructor.” -Tristain Stricker

Doug was great! Very professional, polite, knowledgeable, and welcoming. Thank you!” -Marquita Lipscomb

Great Instructor & Very Informative Class!” -Omar Amrikani

Thank you (NCBAA) guys for everything and above all thank you Doug.” -Angel Caddell

Presentation was evenly informative and helpful form start to finish. Great instructor! Enjoyed the experience.” -Marquan Person

The class was extremely helpful & explaining about multiple ways of skip tracking was great to hear, for myself and my agents! I enjoyed todays education concerning the bail bonding industry.” -Crystal Green

The overall presentation was very helpful. Very cut to the chase. The book as well as presentation only makes the process better. The class handout was also a key essential.” -Angel Caddell

Below are a few students comments regarding NCBAA’s PLE Class
What area(s) of the PLE Class were found to be most informative and helpful:

Real life examples that were used in class. The PowerPoint was easy to follow.”  -Richard Ward Jr. 

Hard to pinpoint which section. It was all needed and very helpful.”  -Michael Dubose

I feel it was all helpful. Everything was explained in a way that was easy to understand.” -Martin Hayes

Presentation of material and examples of practical applications was excellent.” -Lance Cable

The instructor, Doug.” -Andrea Guerrero

All areas were helpful and informative.” -Stephanie Mork

“I liked the graphics.  It drew a picture in my mind of the processes.” -Josh Norvell

All areas were covered well; instructor did a great job.”  -Anthony Burnette

All areas were very clear and easy to understand.” -Marquita Lipscomb

The teacher. He was awesome, and because of so many years of experience, he was really able to convey the lesson.” -Simone Holt

The graphics were helpful” -Jakob Kessler

The presentation with the character was very helpful in remembering certain key points. Also, the instructor (Cozart) was engaging.” -Candance Cameron

The entire class was really informative to me.” -Kevin Spears

Doug did a great job in all areas.” -William Mowery

Slide Show & Mr. Cozart is a great instructor.” -Evan Vickers

Presentation was easily understandable and flowed well.” -Shelby Pope

All of it! Teacher was very knowledgeable and very friendly.” -Levi Buchanan

All areas. Enjoyed the personal stories by the instructor, it helped with the class flow.” -Adama Eccleston

I enjoyed the whole presentation.” -Jamil Webb

PowerPoint was great, and illustrations really helped.” -Tameisha Thomas

Continuing Education and Other Testimonials

Great instructor! Very, Very Informative. Instructor covered all topics about the bail industry.”  -Shaun Blackwell

Awesome class as usual.” -Tawanna Robinson

Loved the class. Met good bondsmen. Learned a lot about locating and arresting, and other state laws.” -Perry Evans

Bradshaw is excellent, Knowledgeable Instructor. Great Class…” -Barry Wallace

Phil Bradshaw was an awesome speaker!! He was extremely informative.”  -Luann Van Leer 

Great Class. Instructor really did a great job.” -John Perkins

Great Class, I enjoyed myself.” -Jerome Maher 

Good Topic Choice, enjoyed the advice and information presented.” -Brittain Tart

DOC Bail Bonds Agency was extremely friendly and helpful in answering questions I had. Would definitely love to have (NCBAA CE) class again here.” -Laura Geho

Best presenter I have heard recently. Very useful info.” -Joyce Buffaloe