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Since 1992, the North Carolina Bail Agents Association (NCBAA) has worked daily to support and be the industry voice for North Carolina bail agents. We are the ONLY certified provider of NC Bail Bonds Pre-licensing (PLE) and Continuing Education Classes who works to enhance bail bond laws and serve bondsmen.

NCBAA is a not-for-profit, professional organization that utilizes the funds provided by pre-licensing, continuing education, and membership dues to protect and enhance the interest of all bail agents. Our lobbyists and staff are committed to executing NCBAA’s mission to protect, preserve, promote and improve our industry and the livelihood of all bondsmen in North Carolina.

“Bound for Success: Navigating the Bail Industry with Verbal De-Escalation” is a meticulously crafted course by approved CE instructors, featuring curated content from seasoned bail professionals and expert insights. With a focus on verbal de-escalation techniques, bail bonding business insights, and essential topics recommended by the North Carolina Department of Insurance Bail Bond Regulatory Division, the course equips agents with best practices, ethical considerations, and strategies for enhancing both personal and professional reputation within the industry.

Bondsmen must complete 3 hours of CE by June 30th! Click here to view upcoming CE classes!

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The NCBAA is North Carolina’s Premier Source for the required pre-licensing and continuing education for all NC Bondsmen, 19 years longer than any other provider.

Why Us?

NCBAA was createdby NC Bondmen to be a “Non-Profit Association.” As such, all monies, received by NCBAA through membership and continuing education and pre-licensing classes, continue to be used for NC Bondsmen long after those classes are over in getting laws passed to help NC BONDSMEN MAKE AND SAVE MORE MONEY.

(No other provider can say this because they take your money as “profit” only.)

The pre-licensing class is the first requirement to begin the process of obtaining a North Carolina Bail Bonding License. This state-approved 2-day bail bonding class will provide you with the North Carolina educational requirement to obtain your bail agents license. NCBAA is the premier bail bonding education provider that instructs individuals who are interested in becoming a bondsman in North Carolina. Click here to view a step-by-step guide of how to become a licensed bail agent.

PLE SPECIAL –  $450 $400 | Register Online or Call NCBAA at (919) 832-0867

WALK-INS ARE WELCOME. Available classes will be listed until they are at capacity.

Corona Virus / COVID-19 Update: NCBAA has resumed hosting bail bonds classes. See the classes below or on the Prelicensing tab.  

The Most Respected Instructors of Any Provider

Invest in your future by utilizing NCBAA for your bail bonding educational needs.

Where would you rather see your money go? Into the deep pockets of a for-profit group who doesn’t put your money back into supporting bail agents OR into an association of your peers which will support and protect you and your profession? NCBAA puts its money back into your business and future.


There really is a difference! Your Success is our Priority!

I just wanted to take a moment to say how impressed and appreciative of the NCBAA I am. I turned 20 last August and for a while I have wanted to be a North Carolina Bail Agent, so I did some research and signed up for the class in late October. I was not aware that you have to take the class 6 months or less before you begin the licensing process, so I thought I had wasted my time, and money. Doug Cozart and Melissa Seiler both helped me out immensely by allowing me to come at a later date with no extra charge to retake the test, and whole class, if I wished. Doug personally took time out of his day to spend about an hour with me after class had ended to give me advice, share some resources, and some very meaningful encouragement to help me reach my dream of being a bondsman, and my own boss. Also, I would like to add that I was very impressed with how, during the class, Doug articulated to all of us the movements and changes in legislation that the NCBAA and everyone involved have made to help improve and preserve the the flourishment of North Carolina Bail Agents. There is absolutely no other organization I recommend using to both take your class, and get further education on being a bail agent in North Carolina.
Keaton Brailsford
How Very! Very! Important the NCBAA is to every bail bondsman and all they do for us.
Sherrill Spearman
I came to this agency (NCBAA) so that my money would be put back to helping bondsman.
Sarah Heltan
I really enjoyed the class and it has helped me to better understand the business, which in return will help me with my daily duties here in the office. Mr. Cozart did a fantastic job with instruction while keeping it interesting.
Chasity McGlamory