Bail 101

Bail 101

There are several things you should know about bail agents1. As dedicated professionals, North Carolina’s bail agents bring a true value to the overall judicial system.

It is the job of bail agents to insure the defendant is in court each time he is called to do so and to “return from term to term and day to day.”

The bail agent who signs a bond may take additional steps as necessary to ensure that the defendant will return to court, including taking collateral, requiring the defendant to report in by phone or in person, or requiring a defendant to be monitored.

A premium on a bail bond is not considered “earned” until the bond is exonerated or discharged by the court.

Under conditions of the forfeiture process, if the defendant fails to appear in court, the bail agent is required to pick-up and return the defendant to jail or to pay the full face amount of the bond as a penalty for failing to produce the defendant.

Bond forfeitures, per the North Carolina state constitution, go to fund the free public schools of the state.

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